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No matter what type of acoustic guitar you have been playing I highly recommend trying a Blueridge Guitar. They play and sound much like the more expensive counterparts, at a much lower and affordable price. Not that Martin, Taylor, Guild, Gibson and all the other incredible guitars on the market with a long history of quality and playability are instruments that should not be considered, they should. But as an option that will please your pocketbook and your ears, give Blueridge Guitars a try. You can also check them out here: GuitarCenter.com

Acoustic Guitar
A Fine Acoustic Guitar

Blueridge Guitars comes from a long history of acoustic instruments dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. The sound of these guitars can be compared to many of the more well known traditional brands of guitars, but do not be fooled; Blueridge makes a beautiful instrument. Whether you play a right handed or left handed guitar, Blueridge Guitars make an instrument for you. If you are used to custom guitars, you may be surprised at the quality in these as they are among the best guitars for sale you will find.

Whether using a pick or ones fingers, an acoustic guitar’s strings vibrate and produce a dynamic sound as individual as the guitar itself. A hollow body resonates once there is pressure placed on the strings on a fret and the strings are simultaneously picked or plucked. The resulting sound which is heard coming through the sound hole is unique to acoustic instruments and is again growing in popularity today.

The body of an acoustic guitar can be very different depending on the manufacturer and design. The deeper the hollow bodies is in a guitar the deeper and richer the sound compared to one with less depth and a shallow fingerboard. String quality is also very important as it can make the difference in a great sound and a tinny shallow sound. A purest plays an acoustic guitar without any amplification, but most players today use mics and amps, or a variety of pickups in order to get the full sound they enjoy hearing from their instruments. Most of the commonly used acoustic guitars are the steel string, but classical guitars use nylon strings for a softer sound.

It is hard to pinpoint the origin of acoustic guitars, but it is likely that the history dates back to around 1200 to 1300 AD where the Moorish Guitar was popular. It consisted of 4 strings, an oval shaped body, several sound holes and a relatively wide fingerboard. The Latin Guitar was slightly different having one sound hole, an more narrow fingerboard and likely produced a substantially different sound. Depictions of older guitars have been found in various carvings from many years earlier, but little is know of them. Wood and bone were used for tuning pegs in most guitars until the recent iterations of the 20th century until today.

Baroque and Scandinavian guitars or Lutes, were used extensively for many years. Although they bear some resemblance on todays classical guitars, they were lighter weight and used gut strings and fret markers.

The guitar may have had roots in Asia and India many thousands of years ago where the use of stringed instruments such as sitar and tanbur may have evolved into similar stringed instruments such as the guitar. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, a Spanish stringed instrument resembled a guitar-like instrument with twelve paired strings may be the predecessor of todays guitar. Gaetano Vinaccia is believed to have made the first six-string guitar in Naples, Italy in 1779. Those early guitars were primarily rhythm accompaniments rather than the solo classical guitars of today. Antonio Torres Jurado constructed the first modern classical guitars in the 1850s. The superior quality and tone of his guitars made him one one of the most revered luthiers of his generation.

The craftsmanship of acoustic guitars has changed over the years, but the craftsman’s desire to continue making the best instruments has never changed. Certainly todays guitars are better than those which were produced hundreds of years ago, but the tradition and history is still visible in most guitars today.

Blueridge Guitars offer a sound that is extraordinary and an instrument that is very playable for hobby musicians and professionals as well. There are many excellent acoustic guitars available today, including Martin guitars, Taylor guitars, Guild guitars and Epiphone guitars and the sound is substantially different between each of them. We are proud to offer Blueridge Guitars as one of our favorite instrument brands today.

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